Saturday, August 15, 2009


SAN DIEGO, CA (September 2, 2009). IDW Publishing in cooperation with Digital Fusion Inc™ today announced the release of PEPE MORENO’S graphic novel, REBEL. In the best tradition of the post-apocalyptic movement and movie classics like The Road Warrior and Escape from New York, REBEL captures the raw essence of the period in its own right. Departing from the standard caped super hero mold, Pepe Moreno's style and aggressive, surgical approach to social commentary shook the world of graphic novels in its infancy. The message of his work still rings true. The combination of powerful story line and intuitive use of color continues to inspire generations of readers.

Rebel presskit 
Available at comic book and book stores near you and online at:
Pepe Moreno Store (author signed) 


Friday, August 14, 2009


What do you know. You cut and paste together (i mean physically, in analogue not digitally) a few xeroxed images, xerox them again and make numerous copies (street flyers) and then staple them to every telephone pole you can find in the city (like everyone else in the punk days in the bay area was doing); a decade goes by and all of the sudden you're part of history. The idea back then was that you can copy (xerox) anything you want, mixed with anything else you find (from anywhere), give it a title and that was it. Disrespect of the 'establishment' was at the core of the punk movement (duh and how original), whether it was hippy rock or ©.  Of course we had no money and there was this "new technology" called the XEROX machine. Funny that the very constraints of the circumstance gave it the art-form of the time.

Now more than a decade later the street poster work and the one-shot underground publications (NoART Magazine) during the punk movement in the S.F. Bay Area have been published (Street Art: The Punk poster in San Francisco 1977-1981), reviewed in academic publications (Design Issues - MIT Press), some of which have been placed permanently in museum collections, such as the Smithsonian and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Most recently, the some of the work has appeared in the newly released documentary film American Artifact: The Rise of the American Rock Poster Art.

When you're doing something full of purpose -no matter what it is and/or how silly and worthless it may seem- you never know. If enough time goes by, you may be making history or end up in a museum someplace (even in France). Please note the "full of purpose" part, not sure if it works when doing thing in a half-ass kind of way.

So if you were wondering as I was as to where all this political cartooning I have been doing of lately comes from? Well, wonder no more, as it turns out I had the very same tendency almost a couple of decades ago during the punk years (I mean the punk movement back in the late 70’s). This particular piece made the rounds big time…from a telephone pole somewhere in the SF bay area to MIT, the Smithsonian and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and few other places.

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