Thursday, December 17, 2009


What was I thinking back then? We thought of ourselves as "anarchist" but that was more like a cool aptitude and a way to manifest yourself. For the most part, I remember having a great time and feeling excited about things. The whole punk movement in the SF Bay Area was a blast. So many good bands, so many talented people, so many parties, fashion, poetry, music, poster art, performance art, great, smart sexy gals and guys, underground clubs, shows, bars and hangouts, events, concerts, fun and "stuff"... and it was all real.

Too many to remember their names, bands that you have never heard of ten times better than any names you heard afterwards because they made it to the surface.

Life was exciting, things were happening what an incredible energy. Maybe it was a youth thing; or maybe there was magic in the air. And no I’m not talking about the hippies but the Punk Rockers. Such great memories.

Any one of you out there that remembers any of this?

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