Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have recently signed with WmE (former william morris etc). This picture album (on facebook) is dedicated to "comics" titles that are packaged and slated towards movie projects. Some are currently going through "the hollywood process" and some are new. I Just want to share it with all of you, to keep you posted and to hear your opinions.

Ohhh "Space Crusader"... The concept (as a movie) comes from a short story (by the same name) that was published in Heavy Metal (and all over Europe of course) a while ago (long while ago). The story and the concept are dark and satirical in nature (as it draws a parallel to religious fanaticism back here on earth) and very dear to me. This story along with a series of other short stories was published also in a graphic novel called "Zeppelin" (but meant to be called "The War Zone"). I got a lot of warm and sincere attention back then from the short stories. The book is now in the process of a remake (similar to what i've done with rebel and slated to come out in the US 2010. Let me know what you think and/or if you remember the original story.

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